[ExploitedCollegeGirls.com / Excogi.com] NINA - Adorable Meets Fantastic Sex [2023-06-15, Facial, Gonzo, Straight, Teen, Toys, 1080p, SiteRip]

В ролях: NINA
Название ролика: Adorable Meets Fantastic Sex
Подсайт и сайт: ExploitedCollegeGirls.com / Excogi.com
Дата производства: 2023-06-15
Жанр: Facial, Gonzo, Straight, Teen, Toys
Продолжительность: 1:57:02
Тип видео: 1080p
Качество видео: SiteRip
Формат видео: MP4
Видео: AVC1, 1920x1080, 59.94 FPS, 10000 kbps
Аудио: AAC (AAC LC), 256 Kbps, 48.0 KHz, 2 channels
Описание: Today we have 19 year old Nina who told us that she had her First Orgasm EVER just 2 weeks ago with a boyfriend hookup. I know hard to believe, and when Tyler asked her at (6:22) if she cums easily or how often does she masturbate? She replied “No” and shook her head. Followed immediately with, “But I should. I think I should start,” saying this with a smile and joyful look as she then told us about that First Orgasm Ever because she’s never made herself cum before and we think it’s time you started playing with yourself. A girl like you should be experimenting and getting to know your body and enjoying all the physical pleasures life has to offer because you are adorable. Nina’s one of the most innocent, shy, curious, coy, and down right adorable newbie’s we’ve ever had on the ExCoGi bed. I’m not kidding and you don’t want to fast forward through the interview or you’ll miss everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING. Think of it this way. If you started watching the College Football National Playoff Championship game halfway through the second quarter and was wondering why the star running back wasn’t playing you’d have no clue why, right? This is exactly the same. Well not EXACTLY the same and you’d need to watch the pre-game show and build up so you would know why he was ejected the previous game for a fucked up targeting call by a zebra shirt and couldn't come in until after halftime. And you wouldn’t know all this unless you watched the pregame obviously!!! So don’t skip the pregame sex here because it’s worth knowing the who and why’s of this girl and how she found her way here and was spreading her legs and taking cock on camera for the first time. Ok, and now you can fast forward to the second quarter if you want to because at (22:15) after having 3 of her mind blowing 12 Orgasms of the day, Tyler asked Nina if she ever thought that she would come so quickly and if she liked the Magic Wand. She responded with a giggling smile, “That was my first time. That was so good . . . Can you do it again?” And WOW! Isn’t she just as adorable as I described earlier? She’s innocent looking alright and with her legs spread wide eagle on the bed, proves once again there is no substitute for innocence and inexperience here at ExCoGi. Next at (30:15) right after having her fourth orgasm she says, “I need a vibrator,” and we agree. Every girl needs a vibrator but it’s penetration that made this kitty cat’s engine purrrrrrrrr the first time and everything in this video is worth writing about. There’s even handcuffs involved because Nina said she likes to experiment. Well don’t tempt Tyler with a good time because Nina said “Give It To Me” at (47:38) and Tyler did. It was so good in fact that Nina couldn’t control herself and scratched Tyler’s stomach at (55:26) as he chocks and pounded her in Lazy Doggy with her arms cuffed behind her and this kitty cat has nails and likes to scratch. MEOW everyone, and we’ve unlocked Pandora’s box . . . We’ve let the genie out the bottle . . . Opened the floodgates of pleasure because she’s never been fucked like this before and when I say this girl’s a natural? She’s a natural alright and Nina shows us what a beautiful little pleaser she is when she forces her own head down onto Tyler stiff Cock and Deep Throats and Gags herself three times in a row starting at (1:08:08) while giving a very sloppy Blowjob because she’s proving to be just that type of girl and stated that she could have “THIS” all day long. It was in fact the longest and best sex of her life today. And why stop there because the shit just keeps getting better and better for you sick fucks out there because at (1:09:23) Tyler asks Nina as she bounces up and down on his stiffy if she’s ever had a Ball Gag in her mouth, and she replies softly with the most innocent and coyest look ever, “Nope . . . Can you put it in?” and COME ON!!! This shit isn’t fair because WOW! And I’m predicting right now that even though she said afterwards that the ball gag wasn’t for her, she did say she’d like to try everything once and that’s a pretty open statement. Careful who you say that to honey because I can think of a lot of shit to do to you that I wouldn’t do to a farm animal, and there’s sicker fucks out there than me. You know, the bonus package as I like to put it, and after receiving her First Facial Ever she forces her own head once again down NOT ONCE, but TWICE, Baaaaaaaaaalls Deep and Deep Throats herself and almost pushes Tyler over. She loves cock obviously and loves it even more deep down her throat, and during the post face full of cum debriefing Nina couldn’t take her eyes off Tyler’s cock she was so Dick Drunk and Dickmatized and I don't think I’ll ever see another girl so IN LOVE with wood again. THE END.
Orgasm Count Total – 12 - Phantom O #1 at (17:08) then more at (19:30, 20:18, 21:11, 30:09, 34:43, 46:08, 48:27, 56:07, 56:50, 59:51, 1:15:18, 1:20:39)
Доп. информация: Age: 19